E-commerce Development and Admin Support

Running your creative business successfully makes so many demands of artists and illustrators. You have to be a whizz at admin, marketing, financials, logistics and more. Time that you would prefer to spend on making art, is often taken up by building and maintaining your online retail presence or processing your sales, which is critical to the success of your business. We can help!

At Grace’s Giclée, we have built and developed several retail and wholesale online platforms including Shopify, Etsy, Amazon and Faire, which have subsequently generated significant income for artists. From creating and uploading product content with complex variation options, to organising multi layered collections, we can help you to make your online shop work to its shiny best. We can also teach you how to implement cloud-based order processing systems, to ensure that your online sales are easy to manage, well organised and are ready for print. 


E-Commerce development and admin support with your online shop.


Our e-commerce and marketing support service for artists and artisans is affordable and responsive and can be tailored to your needs, whether it’s adhoc help with some key tasks or managing your online shop/sales platforms from the get-go. We can provide honest feedback on your online shops, suggesting any improvements and creative ideas and how we may be able to help implement them.

With our knowledge and expertise, informed by our experience as creatives, we can help you build and improve your online shop to free you up to focus on your art. Whether you need assistance with creating your shop, product uploading & cataloguing or digital marketing, we are happy to help!

Contact us at info@gracesgiclee.co.uk for more information, a quote or help and get started with your online sales journey.