Winter in Print

Winter in Print

Winter is here, and we're embracing it this month by taking a deep dive into our new theme: winter in print. We will be sharing some love for the stunning artwork that captures its essence. From snowy landscapes to favourite family memories, we've got a collection of stunning artworks and prints from across the globe and our very own print studio. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and join us in celebrating the beauty of winter!

To kick off, here's Kandinsky's beautiful 'Winter Landscape', 1909, painted in a post-impressionist style using oils. His bold colour choices bring a sense of warmth to this frigid scene.

Bundle up and embrace the winter wonderland with this picturesque landscape captured by the talented Teresa Archer! We can't get enough of the complimentary colour palette that truly brings this snowy forest to life. Printed by us!

Contrasting to the classic winter colours of white and blue, we have this piece by Peter Doig, who has chosen to use frosted pinks and golds in 'Ski Jacket'. Painted from a newspaper photograph of skiers on a Japanese mountain, this beautiful scene is imperfectly mirrored on both panels, creating a dream-like landscape that is enhanced by these choices of colours.

We're loving this painting by Scottish artist Jenny Hunter, printed by us! This mesmerising landscape of Queen's Park brings back memories of simpler times and cherished family moments. The sight of children sledding down the snowy hills is enough to warm any heart.

Lastly, we have German painter Anselm Kiefer's 'Winter Landscape'. Grace studied Kiefer's mixed-media pieces in college and is strongly drawn to Kiefer's intense symbolism in his work. Winter is a season of contemplation, a time to reflect on both the beauty and harshness of nature. 'Winter Landscape' captures this duality perfectly with its haunting depiction of a ploughed and snow-covered earth, with the head of a woman rising above it.


Love is in the air with Valentine's Day fast approaching, but before we dive into all things heart-shaped and romantic next month, let's continue to celebrate the beauty of art and keep an eye out for our upcoming winter in print post.

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