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Welcome to Grace's Giclée!

Our website is officially up and running and we are excited to get started printing your artworks. We have been hard at work the past few months ensuring everything is set up and ready to go. It's been an adventure getting to this point, with lots of planning and researching, and I am looking forward to seeing this new business grow as our customer base increases and orders flow through. 

Being an artist myself who has sold artworks and commissions, I understand how important it is for artists and illustrators to be able monetize their art. It is our job to enable you to create an income from your artistic talent by handling the printing and logistics for your online art print orders, and it is a pleasure for us to see your digital artwork files come to life. And on top of our art printing services, we also offer online admin support, where we can help you with your online shop, content management, brand consulting and much more!

About Me

I began my venture in the art printing business in 2020, when I began working for Julia Gash a British map-maker extraordinaire in Exmouth, Devon, and loved it. I learnt so much during my time with Julia, from printing to online admin and e-commerce work. When the idea of creating our own art printing business arose, I couldn't say no! 

In my personal time I love to create artworks of my own, especially abstract paintings and pencil observational drawings. These are two very contrasting styles, however after spending hours on a detailed drawing I love to get experimental with paints and let loose. Here is one of my commissioned architectural studies of Exeter Cathedral. 

Some of these drawings can take hours but can be just as therapeutic as a fluid, abstract piece, packed with complimentary colours. Below is an image of one of my most recent commissioned abstract works. It's a fantastic opportunity to be working alongside other artists, and I look forward to working with you all!

Of course, please get in touch with us if you have any questions about anything at all or if you have some suggestions, we welcome all feedback as it helps us grow!

Speak soon. :-)

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