Spring in Print

Spring in Print

As we continue into the spring season, we're shifting our focus to all things spring-themed. From iconic spring symbols to themes of renewal, rebirth, purity, fertility, and youth, we'll be exploring the beauty and significance of this season through the lens of art!

To kick off we have chosen to feature Vincent van Gogh, Fishing in Spring, the Pont de Clichy (Asnières). This tranquil scene depicts a fisherman bobbing on the water, painted in calming and complementary spring-time colours. 

Next up, we have chosen to feature these beautiful illustrations by Karen Somerfield printed by us. Karen's landscapes capture the essence of spring with curious children discovering the wonders of nature. 

When we think of spring, we think of all the beautiful things that come with it: blooming flowers, vibrant colours, and the refreshing touch of nature. And when it comes to capturing the essence of this season, Emil Nolde's stunning expressionist painting 'Flower Garden, Kneeling Woman with Hat' is the perfect inspiration. With its expressive strokes and vivid hues, it truly captures the spirit of spring.

Doris Lee's, 'Blossom Time', colour lithograph takes us to a peaceful countryside where blossoming trees, grazing cows and soaring birds create a cute and calming landscape. 

Believe in Extraordinary, by Tracey Emin was created to commemorate Team GB's participation in the European Games in Azerbaijan. Emin is heavily inspired the fragile nature of our feathered friends and refers to them as 'angels of this earth'. As spring blooms and new beginnings arise, these delicate creatures are the perfect symbol of hope and renewal.

Continuing our focus on world of birds and blossoms, let's take a moment to appreciate the stunning artwork of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. His woodblock print "Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry" captures the essence of spring with his masterful use of colours which creates a harmonious and picturesque scene.

Lastly, we have chosen to feature local artist Jon White's 'We Shall Have Spring Again' printed by us here in the studio. Jon's contemporary seascapes transport us to a paradise-like world. 

From expressionist paintings to woodblock prints to beautiful spring-themed artworks printed in our print studio, we hope you have enjoyed our spring in print blog. Next month, we'll be exploring colour in art and its significance. In the meantime, let's keep celebrating the power and beauty of art, and don't forget to keep an eye out for our final spring print post!

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