Macabre Art in Print

Macabre Art in Print

This Halloween season, let's take a deep dive into the dark, mysterious world of Macabre Art! A fascinating art form that celebrates the darker side of human existence. In this blog we invite you to explore and appreciate the beauty of these unique artworks that will leave you spellbound! 

Co Director Grace finds the macabre art style absolutely captivating. When studying the works of Francis Bacon at college, her admiration for the dark and unsettling was strengthened. Bacon's powerful art enabled her to explore new avenues of expression and she can't help but be mesmerised by the haunting beauty of his art.

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Check out this detailed illustration by the talented Matthew Wright! We've printed this unique artwork that features a cute ghost at the window of a VHS rental shop - a perfect example of how the eerie and spooky can also be cheerful.

And sticking with the cute ghost theme... we also love these illustrations by Allie Smith! 



Co Director Julia holds the works by Frida Kahlo close to her heart. This painting depicts a little girl, which is believed to be Frida herself at the age of four, wearing a skull mask. This kind of mask is a tradition at the annual Mexican festival "Day of the Dead" where death is celebrated instead of mourned. 

For centuries, the Danse Macabre has captivated us with its timeless message. It is a powerful reminder of the transient nature of life and the inevitability of death. Even in darkness, beauty and grace can be found in the lively waltz of the skeletons escorting the living to the afterlife. It's an eerie yet beautiful reminder of how our time in this world is finite.  

From dancing skeletons to skeletons resting under the moonlight - we love these incredible paintings by Phoenix Mundy! Printed by us, these artworks showcase a unique and captivating mix of macabre and fantasy. We love how these pieces bring together an eerie yet whimsical feel, creating a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic.



With Thanksgiving around the corner in the USA, we're excited to focus on this special theme in our next blog post. But while we wait, let's keep celebrating the different forms of art that give us a unique perspective on life. Keep an eye out for our next Macabre Art post and let's keep appreciating the beauty in art!

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