Grace and Julia

Grace and Julia

Two years ago, my online art print business was booming due to the impact of recurrent Covid lockdowns. Unable to buy from shops, spending went online and there was a surge in demand for my travel themed prints. The spirited, naïve, local themed illustrations enabled people to bring their happy places, which they could no longer visit, into their home. I needed additional help and took on a Kickstart Apprentice to help with the running of my eCommerce business. Hello Grace!

 Grace at Julia Gash Studios

Within a very short space of time, Grace was running the show, freeing me up to do my art and improving our online retail systems. From printing and packing orders, to building and managing the different platforms where my merchandise was sold, Grace became integral to my growing business.

Moving to Sussex last year, Grace and I briefly parted ways. Unable to carve her own niche elsewhere and without a helping hand in my art business, we both struggled. So … roll on 6 months and we have come together as co-founders and directors of a new business, Grace’s Giclee Art Print Shop! Grace runs the day to day and I guide and mentor a new, female entrepreneur to run a successful creative enterprise. With more time to produce art and with Grace busily printing my work, we both got back to doing what we love.

 Julia Drawing Art Prints Map Illustrations

Last month I loaded up the van and drove it along the South Coast to Exmouth in Devon where we heaved our giclee print machine and stock into our new business premises and set up Grace’s Giclee Art Print Shop together. And we’re not just working exclusively for my brand … we print for other creatives too! Together we bring a wealth of experience to a premium quality printing service for other artists and illustrators that would like to monetize their art whilst retaining the integrity of their brand. Our ability to understand and assist artists and artisans in creating prints, postcards and greeting cards that sell, as well as providing guidance and the digital work to improve their online shops, is second to none.  

 Exmouth Postcard by Julia Gash

This work is close to my heart and I welcome the opportunity to help others succeed in their creative businesses. So with more time on my hands, I will be creating more artwork for my online shops as well as getting ready to write my creative guide to running a business for creatives!

Julia Gash Drawing Map Illustrations

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