Coasts in Print

Coasts in Print

Let's jump onboard and explore the world from coast to coast! Each month, we are focusing on a different art subject and this month we have chosen the coast! We'll be diving in and discovering stunning abstract landscapes to ocean-inspired mixed-media artworks like this piece by Sarah Manovski to the iconic 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' woodblock print by Hokusai and everything in between! So let's get inspired and share our love for the coast this month!

Living beside the sea is simply a blessing... and also a fantastic place to find inspiration for art! I love the colours, the contrast of the orange/red cliffs against the striking blue sky and sea, or the pink & orange sunsets reflecting off the ocean surface. It's a real joy to be based in Exmouth, Devon.

My most recent commission was an abstract acrylic-pour piece, which are really fun to create! I used a colour palette inspired by the shores, sand and rocks found along beautiful coastlines. 

Diving into the depths of the ocean and discovering its hidden secrets - that's what these stunning artworks by Nerine Hickman are all about! From sea urchins and ammonites to all kinds of other weird and wonderful creatures, this is a magical world that can't be seen from above the surface.

We are also loving these stormy sea-inspired artworks by Paul Stretton-Stephens, a local visual artist, who has a longstanding passion and respect for the sea. 

Inspired by the naive and honest work of British fisherman and artist Alfred Wallis, Co Director Julia Gash applies the playful honesty and naive elements of his artworks to her illustrative style. Alfred was best known for his port landscapes and shipping scenes that were created using household paint on scraps of cardboard.

Julia also finds inspiration in the iconic 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' from Japanese artist Hokusai. This woodblock print not only sparked her love of printmaking but also an appreciation of Japanese culture.

Check out this stunning artwork 'Fisherman's Loft 5' by local artist Albie Leo printed by us!

Next month's theme is extra hot! Keep your eyes peeled and sunglasses on. We can't wait to continue to explore the beauty of our world and share more stunning artworks with you. In the meantime, stay tuned for our next 'coastalfriday' post and let's keep celebrating the beauty of nature and all its wonders.

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